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China Joint Ventures

We assist companies to structure the joint venture, prepare the appropriate submissions and negotiate their joint venture with the partner(s) and the relevant approval authorities.

  • The key stages are:
    • Letter of Intent (Memorandum of Understanding)
    • Project proposal
    • Feasibility study
    • Contract and Articles of Association
    • Submission of feasibility study and contract for approval
    • Approval certificate and business licence
    • Other registrations

All agreements have to be consistent. The process is not always a straightforward linear one, especially for a larger joint venture. Negotiations with partners and the preparation of documents often take place at the same time as the opinions of the approval authorities are being sought.

China Joint Venture Process

We have prepared a number of documents, which give more detailed information on the joint venture process in China. These documents are China specific but would also help in the negotiation of joint ventures in other countries.

If any of these documents are of interest, please contact us with your details and we will send them to you by return email.

"Best Practices" approach to joint ventures

Joint venture checklist

Partner due diligence checklist

Feasibility study requirements

Joint venture partner eligibility criteria

The negotiation of joint ventures in China is one of our specialities. Due to our long experience in this area, we know how to get the best deal of clients and how to get the project approved by the authorities with the minimum of delay. We are confident that our expertise and experience can expedite the negotiation and approval of a joint venture, thus reducing the time to the issue of the business licence. By reducing the time required for the whole process, your joint venture will become operational earlier and will bring forward the day when it enters into profit.

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